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Being a therapist is both a calling and a passion for me. I truly believe that helping women heal can heal families, generations, communities & our society. It's why I created a 100% virtual therapy practice, offering accessible quality mental health care to the entire state of Alabama In January 2020, Changing Seasons Therapy & Consulting. As a licensed independent clinical social worker with over a decade of experience in health care & mental health I believe in holistic, evidence informed care shaped by the unique needs of each individual client. Many of us were raised by parents who parented us through a lens distorted by their own unhealed trauma that led to us growing up without a sense of safety, security, belonging, value, purpose or identity. Some of us were raised by immature parents who were growing up as they were parenting, therefore, unable to give us what we needed. Neglect by one or both of parents/caregivers during the most formative years of our lives can impact how we connect with others. While the foundation of your upbringing may have cracks in it, you are not broken. Not only will I work with you to improve the symptoms you are experiencing, I will walk along side you along a journey of self-discovery that helps you explore the "why" behind it all and more importantly to learn how to meaningful actions towards living a life influenced by your values not your thoughts or emotions. In addition to being a therapist I am have experience teaching at the university/college level. I am also a writer for Choosingtherapy.com The culmination of my experience and training lends itself to a unique approach that uses story telling in conjuction with evidence based practices & attachment science to help clients edit, revise and own their stories. I believe that changing the narrative of your thoughts can change your mind which ultimately changes your life.

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