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Are you tired of isolating and hiding? Do you keep people at arm's length while longing to feel safe enough to trust and let people get close to you? Have you never shared "your secret"? Do you feel angry inside or struggle with bouts of sadness and shame? Do you "appear" to have it all together but on the inside you're hurting and ALONE. Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you using food, alcohol, other substances or behaviors to self-soothe?

***************You can heal from this and I can help*******************

I believe that women can regain a healthy sense of themselves at any juncture of life. I have found that adult women who were deeply wounded as little girls have carried "the secret" for many years suffering in silence; having not disclosed to anyone, or disclosed and nothing was done.

Many strong-willed, ambitious, courageous and successful women carry emotional wounds that have never been addressed for many reasons. You can find relief and feel whole. You can grow to have a tranquil mind, relaxed body, and an open heart.

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