Are you someone feeling exhausted balancing your multiple roles, all of which you perform perfectly? Even though your drive leads to high achievement, it burns you out, leaving you with anxiety, depression or increased challenges in your relationships. I can help you find balance in your life, reconnect with your values and access the strength and support to develop new and better ways of coping with challenges of prioritizing yourself. I am passionate about working with women in their 20s to late 40s providing you with an intentional space to have the supportive care that helps you thrive.

I am an affirming therapist who, when appropriate, gently holds my clients accountable. I teach clients how to practice self-compassion, which could look like ignoring the harmful self-criticism that arises throughout your daily routines and gaining a deeper understanding of, connections with, and acceptance of all parts of yourself. By using Insight Oriented, Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, clients learn how to ignore cognitive distortions and to better manage their feelings. I also help clients explore their relational goals through facilitating vulnerable discussions about emotions, attachment styles, and needs.

As your therapist, I am here so that you no longer have to hide or stifle what is happening for you. You will be able to express yourself within our supportive, nonjudgmental therapeutic space and unpack the stuff that has been hard to deal with alone. If you are committed to showing up for yourself and doing the inner work to rewrite what well-being looks like for you, I would be grateful and honored to support you. I am currently only accepting new self pay clients and offering evening tele-health sessions (Tu/W/Th 5-8pm). Let’s begin by scheduling a free 15 minute consultation today to discuss your needs and determine whether working together would be a good fit for you. Feel free to schedule with the link provided: https://calendly.com/latisht-therapyhealingspaces/15min

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