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Therapy is a powerful tool that gives you the intentional space to heal and grow. I work towards normalizing mental and emotional health amongst high achieving and professional black women in their 20-40s. Many of my clients come seeking clarity on why they feel the way they do and wanting to learn tools to prioritize themselves, create home-work-life balance and manage stressors that lead to anxiety, depression and challenging relationships.

As a woman, mother, partner and professional there are many ways to get lost in the tasks of the day. One of the most radical actions that I can give to other Black women is my presence; the creation of brave spaces where you don’t have to have it all together, you’re connected emotionally, and able to alleviate personal guilt with depression, anxiety and heightened stress. Our goal is to help you access the strength and support to develop new and better ways of coping with challenges of prioritizing yourself and managing stressors related to familial, relational and race-based trauma that you may have endured.

I prioritize trust, honesty and transparency, to help us talk through concerns and build functional coping skills to break unhealthy cycles and gain a deeper understanding of, connections with, and acceptance of all parts of yourself. Here we are showing up for ourselves, being heard and validated and encouraging healthy and positive relationships.

Healing and growth is not always comfortable or easy, but I create a soft space for individuals to land as they unpack and grow. I am currently only accepting new self pay clients and offering evening tele-health sessions (Tu/W/Th 5-8pm). Let’s begin by scheduling a free 15 minute consultation today to discuss your needs and determine whether working together would be a good fit for you. Feel free to schedule with the link provided: https://therapyhealingspaces-scheduling.as.me/

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