So, adulting has started and the hurts from your past are showing up in your present. You are noticing that you are triggered by the smallest things and before you know it, you are reliving past traumas. You try to shake it or distract yourself, but it has not been working. You tell yourself, "you'll be okay," not knowing that all this does it make it worse and invalidate how you are feeling in the moment. You notice that your relationships are suffering, and you feel as though it is all your fault. You are isolating from the people closest to you, which makes you feel sad and alone more often. Perhaps your spouse or friends are attempting to help but you are feeling detached from them as well.

You have tried working out, meditating sometimes, trying to incorporate some type of “self-care” into your life, but you aren't even sure if you are doing that right. You are not sure exactly what you need but want to talk to someone outside of your friends. Because, you're the "strong" friend! You want to find a therapist that will be there and listen but also one who will challenge and support you without feeling judged. You want to heal and relearn what it means to be happy, confident, and showing up for yourself! You want help on discovering who you are now, plus you are tired of waiting to enjoy your life fully, like it seems like everyone around you is.

I help the person trying to navigate their life after traumas. As an individual and couple’s therapist in NC and VA, I can help to process through these hurts. Helping you to find your new, recalibrated self after the pains and hurts of the past. As a certified sex therapist, I can take this a step further if these past hurts have begun to disrupt your intimacy and pleasure with sex. My clients experience change over the course of therapy not just in their confidence and self-esteem but in their ability to look at triggers with compassion, curiosity, and as healing and growth rather than feeling as though they are damaged goods. Together we can start your journey to healing your heart from the pain and healing your mind from the negative beliefs. There will be homework and journal prompts during therapy because a lot of the work is done between our sessions. We will laugh and share sarcasm together as some days you will really enjoy therapy and some days will be tearful and difficult. With therapy, you can learn to keep the wisdom from experiences that serve you and leave behind the things that do not. With therapy, you can regain the self-esteem, confidence, and power in yourself that you feel was taken away or tainted. Therapy does not have to feel scary and hard. It can feel like a relief, a breath of fresh air after you have been gasping for a long time.

If you are ready to stop feeling as though you are stuck in the past, always feeling sad or anxious, alone or disconnected, unaffectionate or unmotivated and ready to stop letting past traumas control your present, contact me for a 15-minute consultation. We can talk about how therapy with a plan and the right therapist can make the difference that you can start to feel today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Looking forward to talking with you!

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