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Do you seem to have it all together on the outside but feel inadequate on the inside? Have you ever thought that “if people only knew” the “real” you that they’d be shocked? Do you ever feel like an imposter and like it’s only a matter of time until people find out you really are not as —-(fill in the blank). Are you “Black girl magic” on the outside but wish that people knew how you really felt? Do you have a “secret” struggle that feels impossible to talk about (eating concerns, an affair, drinking too much, or something else that feels shameful)? Maybe you’re not sure what the issue is but you know something doesn’t feel right and need a listening ear.

I work with women who are successful in many areas of life but who can use some support in others. Most often, these women are “the strong friends” and the ones that people rely on for support but do not feel they have the same. Sometimes these women find themselves in relationships or situations that don’t serve them, but are unable to disentangle. In my experience, I see many high achieving women who are driven to accomplish life goals but to the sacrifice and detriment of taking care of themselves.

If any of this describes how you feel, I want you to know that I see you and I am here to walk alongside you on your journey.

I help women understand the underlying, unconscious psychological dynamics underneath their actions, behavior patterns and the ways they think and feel about themselves. I call attention to the ways in which their lived experience in an oppressive society with a history of marginalizing groups of people, reinforces the negative messages they have come to believe about themselves in order to survive. My goal is to help women recognize their power and fight for their healing and liberation. I have a special interest in addressing internalized racism.

In the words of the late great Audre Lorde- Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare”
WEBSITE: www.latashasmithlcsw.com
**note** I am not on any insurance panels. Clients pay me directly and seek reimbursement from their insurance company if they have this benefit.

Note: Virtual Sisters of the Yam Therapy Group for Black Women beginning in March 2022

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