You’re accomplished in your work. You've survived some things, pushed hard to get where you are, and maybe feel called to do what you do in your field. But lately you feel stuck and tired. You've done all the things society or culture says you should do to have a happy (work) life, but you wake up anxious, and walk through the day stressed. You're the strong one others look up to and depend on, but you often don't have much left to give to yourself. You're tired of powering through your feelings just to make it through the day — and you're ready to take better care of yourself.

I help women professionals redefine their relationship with work, and build a more liberated life. I meet you where you are, and practice from a decolonized, empowerment lens to help you break free of old work patterns and limiting beliefs about yourself (and who you should be to others), so you can make more room for rest and play — or to just be.

You've been dreaming of change, relief — and you're ready to "work for you". We partner together to help you shift into the less stressful life your heart is calling. I invite you to a free, no-strings-attached consultation.

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