Hello, I am Latanya Watts and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor in Georgia. My mission is to help individuals who struggle in getting to the next phase of their lives. I want to reach out to you and motivate you in overcoming personal battles of everyday life.

If there ever becomes a time when you feel like nothing is working, come to me and you will see the variety of ways I can guide you in the right direction. Let's do what works, rather than second guessing yourself.

Through an individualize approach to healing of mindfulness based cognitive therapy. Mindfulness has become increasingly popular for its ability to promote mental health. Cognitive Therapy is demonstrated to modify human’s form of idea. Cognition is used to sign one’s thought. On the other manus. Behavioral Therapy focused its attending on human’s behavior. It is more on the feelings and ideas of human position and political orientation.

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