Are you feeling stuck? Unsure of what is next for you? Feeling weighed down by the daily stressors in your life? Looking for a new way to manage the relationships in your life? Is it possible that you are stuck in a cycle of trauma? Are you feeling weighed down by the institutional “isms” and “micros”? If you answered “Yes!” to any of the questions above, I strongly believe we can make a great therapeutic team. Did any of the listed questions spark new questions? Let us explore those new questions!
I am a Mental Health Counselor who has had the privilege of working with individuals experiencing depression, substance misuse, grief, sexual abuse, and trauma. I take a person-center social justice approach to therapy. As such, I aim to create a safe space, where you are the expert on your situation.
Within the therapeutic space, we honor how the intersectionalities of your identity impact your intra- and inter-personal interactions. To schedule a free consultation, I can be reached via the listed e-mail and phone number (extention 102).

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