Hello, my name is LaShonda. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from a very small town in Georgia. However,I have lived in California since 2004. Prior to moving here I have lived in Washington state for 4 years. I joined the military at the dapper age of 18 and served my country for 13 years. I received a bachelor's in Legal Studies prior to leaving the military in 2012. After careful deliberation I decided that I no longer wanted to pursue a career in law and that I was more fascinated with human behavior. I then started a dual master's program in Counseling Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy in San Diego, California. I received my masters in 2015 and decided to take a step further and obtain my PhD in marriage and family therapy, with an emphasis on military families. I am currently a PhD candidate a Northcentral university where I am within the process of completing research on military relationships. I am a certified clinical trauma professional, trained in Sex-trafficking, Post traumatic stress, CBT, DBT as well as clinical family trauma.

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