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Are you ready to get off the hampster wheel of fear, worry, & anxiety?

If you are, I'm ready to help! I’m LaShawnda, licensed clinical mental health counselor (NC, TX, MD), and owner of McLaurin Mental Wellness, PLLC. I provide therapy that meets you where you are by helping women exclusively online. I help women overcome fear, worry, and anxiety to achieve their personal and professional goals.

I address Anxiety by helping you address the fears and worries that keep you stuck and prevent you from living the life you deserve.

I address Trauma by helping women do the work to stop being mentally bound by past traumas and work toward moving forward with awareness, confidence, and less fear.

I address Boundaries by helping women become firm, assertive, and less fearful to stand their ground and do what's best for their life.

I address Toxic Relationships by helping you assess your relationships (romantic, friends, family) and determine what changes need to be made.

I am a wife (military spouse), mom, and professional. It is my mission to help women achieve their goals. My services are exclusively online, are convenient, and are easy to use! Working with me is fun! I bring joy and light to difficult situations and conversations.

You can listen to my podcast, Inspiring Women Weekly, on apple podcast and Spotify, to learn even more about me.

You can also become informed, educated, and inspired by visiting the MMW blog at www.mclaurinmentalwellness.com/blog

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