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Therapy can be powerful and life changing. It can give you hope and solutions to issues you’ve struggled with for years. With the right therapist, the right timing, and the willingness to rediscover yourself, growth, change, and health are all possible. I believe one of the most important aspects of life is relationships. To feel seen, heard, and loved is at the core of every human’s needs. The relationship between client and therapist, as well as the information that is shared is something I hold very dear. As you show up authentically and vulnerably, I vow to also show up with respect and understanding.

I hold a Master’s in Family Therapy from Friends University, and am a Licensed Clinical Marital and Family Therapist in the state of Kansas. I know going to therapy can be exhausting. Having to tell a stranger your “whole life story” and hoping they get it….Hoping you and the therapist vibe and that they don’t say or do something that puts your guard right back up. It can be irritating & scary, tiring & disappointing. But, I believe your experience with me can be different.

Whether you are facing an unexpected challenge, or have been walking a tight rope between coping and falling apart, struggle does not have to be the end of your story. I especially enjoy working with young adults on their college and career journeys , women in life transition and couples redefining their marriage.

My belief is therapy is a unique journey of self discovery, healing, and renewal. It is when we are able to tell our story without fear of judgment, we feel empowered to cope, heal and live.

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