“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them” ~A. Milne

Most weeds (negative thoughts) will compete within their environment for nourishment (attention). When left unattended, they can consume your garden (mind), limit creativity and halt growth. When nurtured, the seed (thought) the weed grew from, has the ability to propel into full bloom (stability), eliminating the undesirable state it once was. After all, a weed is just a flower (hope) planted in the wrong place. Where are you planting your hope?

As the Chief Planting Officer (CPO) at Planted Hope, my therapeutic style is change and solution-oriented, complete with the humor and "gentle challenging" necessary to evoke the treatment outcomes you desire; in a safe space, full of grace. My innate ability to develop an authentic rapport yields positive and timely results for individuals, couples, and families, seeking to start the "dirt work" in their gardens.

Having hope is one thing, planting it is another. The act of digging deep into the soil of your life to bury something safely in an environment that produces, is where healing begins. Your hopes deserve to be watered and grown, but more importantly, planted in the right place. It is said that “hope is the only thing stronger than fear” so plant it. There’s no better place to do so than here at Planted Hope.

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