Greetings, Beautiful Being of Love:

I offer a heart healing path approach to therapy, wherein the client is their own healer, and I am their guide. This approach affirms that all human beings are Love - no matter what their behaviors have been and no matter what the outcomes of those behaviors have been; that Love is perfection; that perfection is wholeness; and that all human beings are whole despite experiences of suffering. Heart healing is the practice of choosing to hear one’s heart through the fiercest of the mind’s distracting lies about who one is and what one has to offer. The healing journey or path is not the process of rewriting oneself as whole, but, rather, it is the process of uncovering the wholeness that one already is.

“Therapy” is a sacred space. In this space, I partner with individuals in developing healing practices, tools, and strategies that weave together celebration, curiosity, experience, reflection, awareness, journaling, visualization, creativity, exploration, and soul expression; these are used to help the healer open to their inner guidance, speak from their authentic voice, experience their personal truths, and allow their souls to sing their stories fully and uninhibitedly.

By hearing their heart’s truths and sharing their soul’s expressions, the healer begins to release emotional charges and bonds to past pain in a way that allows them to experience their wholeness.

The heart healing path approach invites the healer to use both intuition and intellect to expose, explore, and shift limiting and suppressing ways of journeying through life. Through their own exploration, the healer is guided in the process of identifying and harnessing their power of choice, so that they may begin to walk in their authenticity and proactively create the lived experiences that they want to have.

Here are some kinds of challenges that can be explored using the heart healing path approach: fear of Life, fear of joy, shame of physical appearance, self-hatred, difficult healing from past pain, feeling of purposelessness, breaking “intergenerational curses”, feeling trapped/stuck, self-sabotage, shame of/fear of success, self-harm, fear of imperfection, desire to pass on from this life into heaven, not being able to express oneself fully/moving beyond suppression of the voice, telling one’s whole story for healing/ moving beyond shame of experiences.

All are welcomed!

Yes, you are Love, and yes, you are free. Let's unveil this truth, for it is yours to behold.

In celebration of the Love that you are,

Laquanique L. Lake, LMSW

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