LGM Restoration & Wellness Services, LLC is a private practice owned by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lakeytha G. Clayton, who has been in the social work profession for over 19 years. LGM Restoration & Wellness Services, LLC specializes in women's mental health and provides individual counseling sessions for women 18 years and older. The vision of LGM Restoration & Wellness Services, LLC is to empower and guide women in the process of restoration and wellness in an area(s) of her life that are important to her through collaboration. Lakeytha collaborates with her clients in acknowledging the problem/issue, giving them tools to address the problem, and walking them through the process of restoration and gaining authority over their life that introduces them to or reinstates a woman's healthy well-being. The mission of LGM Restoration & Wellness Services is to restore health using evidence based psychotherapy techniques to guide women in reclaiming the areas of their lives that are resulting in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual instability (If so desired). The practice addresses the total woman: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually(if so desired). Lakeytha will address past and present wounds if relevant as well as concerns regarding the client's future. LGM Restoration & Wellness Services, LLC specializes in anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder, self-esteem/self-image issues, and women's issues. Every woman is valued, honored, and respected as a MASTERPIECE at LGM Restoration & Wellness Services, LLC. LGM Restoration & Wellness Services, LLC wants to assist you in developing your resiliency as a woman! Call 225-308-1703 or email Lakeytha at lakeytha@lgmrestorationwellness.org to discuss your individual needs as a woman desiring restoration, transformation, and wellness!

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