Are you at the junction in life where you are learning who you truly are meant to be? Have you lived a bit of life, and are now on a path to rediscovering who you are outside of your roles? Welcome! I'm Cree Cunningham, LCSW. I guide women of color to rediscover their authentic selves and live a more spiritually aligned, holistically integrated life. Through self-discovery, we delve into experiences, transitions, emotions and feelings to assist you in remembering your authentic self and living in your unique purpose. My purpose in life is to help others learn to live fully by connecting mental health, spirituality, and purpose. I truly understand what it feels like to live life for others, and then to truly live life authentically.

With specialized training in perinatal mental health, I assist women from conception through postpartum to include perinatal loss. As a soon-to-be or new mommy, having an outlet to help navigate the varied range of emotions is imperative to both Mommy and baby. Your mental health is a huge component to the development of your baby, and the flow of your delivery. I address all things birth related from birthing fear to birthing trauma to unsettled dynamics with a partner. The goal is to a offer a space where you can thrive and bring baby Earth side in safety and love. I offer individual sessions and a group course designed to assist you in parenting in a space most authentic to you.

By utilizing culturally specific designs, clinically relevant strategies and evidence-based practices, HSS offers services via a wholistic lens. The vision is to provide that space for clients to undergo a process of growth and self-discovery. I promote behavioral transformation by encouraging a mindset shift, identifying negative thought processes, and the adoption of new behaviors. The intended result is to expose, heal and celebrate each client’s journey to fulfillment.

Please visit my website www.healingsacredscars.com to learn more and book a complimentary consultation.

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