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Are you dealing with work issues, relationship problems, family “drama,” a lack of self-esteem or just trying to adjust to existing as a human in today’s world?

People need therapy to really get to know themselves and differentiate who they are from who they’ve convinced themselves they are based on environmental factors like trauma, childhood, poverty, or being in a really hard or abusive relationship.

My name is Kynnedi Tripplett. I am a Licensed Social Worker working towards my Clinical licensure. I have experience providing clinical mental health services to youth and adults with neurodivergent challenges like traumatic brain injuries, ADHD, and Autism; mood disorders including depression, anxiety, and bipolar; and complex trauma.

As my client, I will empower you and make you fully aware that you don't have to stay on a path of destructive behaviors, toxic relationships, or generational trauma--therapy is more accessible than it has ever been and your mental wellbeing is worth the time and effort it requires.

My approach includes CBT and DBT models, allowing me to ask questions that give me access to your point of view and lets me delve deeper into what you may be going through underneath the surface; all while building a rapport in a safe, judgment-free space. 

Allow me to be the professional 3rd party to give you an objective perspective regarding the things happening in your current life, connect them to what happened in your past and help you set goals that aid in self-improvement; helping you take steps towards your future with confidence and an ability to maintain homeostasis in your daily life.
I’ve witnessed dysfunctional relationships in my life, and I want to help you realize you don't have to settle into any flawed situation as your norm. Issues aren’t just storms to weather.

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