Knock knock! Who’s there? Society? Society who? Society that leaves you feeling frustrated, stressed, and alone. Society that convinces you the only reason why the diet isn’t working is because you don’t have enough “will power”. Consistently have you feel like a failure and withdraw from social events because your body doesn’t meet the beauty standards, you’re comparing yourself to. Diet culture that will make you believe you’re hustling for “health” but in reality, you’re hustling for worthiness. Society that persuades you that you can’t trust your own body and that you need to wait until “the clock hit 12pm” before you can eat. It’s time to slam that door!

You’re ready to view yourself with more compassion and less criticism, you want to feel more relaxed and confident in your body. You want to feel empowered to communicate your needs and set firm boundaries without worrying if someone feels bad. You want to throw your middle finger in the air and say F.U to societal pressures of beauty standards. You’re finally ready to eat with pleasure, trust your body again and honor your authentic voice without guilt.

I am a part of the LGBT community and former chronic binge eater. I randomly quote music and movies mid-sentence. I enjoy watching funny dog videos on social media and pretending like I’m a judge on Chopped when I go out to eat. I take a radical approach to assisting others with trusting their bodies again. I am an active, authentic, and grounding force in session so that you’re not alone in the process of being your imperfect self. Text me at 818-873-7241 to schedule a free 20min video or phone chat. Until then be kind to yourself!

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