You keep replaying the incident in your mind even when you don’t want to. The event has left you feeling on edge and afraid. You can’t relax and it’s impossible to be in public without looking over your shoulder. You can’t stay anywhere too long, or you fear you will come apart. People around you don’t understand and tell you to get over it. You wish you could simply get over it, but this event has taken over your life. You don’t recognize yourself, and you don’t think you can ever be the person you were before. You can’t sleep or focus. You believe the incident was your fault and think of things you should have done differently.

You want to relax and have fun again. You’re tired of reliving that event in your mind and in your dreams. You’re ready to start living your life again and stop watching from the sidelines. I can help you get there. By decreasing avoidance and challenging negative thoughts, recovery from trauma is possible. You can live the life you want for yourself.

With the ability to see you from the comfort of your home by video in my exclusively online practice, going to therapy is easier than ever before. Visit my website www.healcounselingservices.com to schedule your free, no obligation 20-minute consultation today.

*Now offering premarital counseling using the number one premarital assessment, Prepare/Enrich*

Individuals: $160 for 50 minutes
Couples: $220 for 50 minutes

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you would like to submit for partial reimbursement to a different insurance provider, a detailed receipt called a "super bill" can be provided. Be sure to first confirm your out-of-network mental health benefits.

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