"Plans change, people change and there are several life transitions that we all experience; however, we often find it challenging to accommodate these inevitable shifts. We also think that we are equipped to tackle all these changes on our own, when that is not reality! Despite the difficulties that we all experience - you are not alone. My goal is to assist clients in maneuvering their individualized path to create meaningful change.

I have served the South Florida community through my work with adults, families and couples and particularly take pride in serving marginalized communities. My experiences while working in private practice and substance use treatment settings has also honed in on my interests in diversity, addiction, religion/faith, family relationships and domestic violence

I am a firm believer in the power of therapy, and have witnessed the effectiveness of the process through my own work with clients. My approach is eclectic, and I work to create a safe space to meet the needs of each client. I look forward to serving you soon."

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