Are you in your skin? Are you able to answer that honestly? In our busy lives, with all of our individual stories, it is easy for these separations to happen. When was the last time that you checked in with yourself? Found stillness? Truly trusted your gut? Whether you're dealing with Life transitions, daily stress, anxiety, depression or learning to process trauma in your past, if your goal is to come back (or discover) who you are at your core, I would be happy to support you on that path.
I create safe spaces for self discovery and piecing together the parts of your full self that once seemed so abstract. By using an integrative approach, I focus on your full body mental wellness tailoring our time together specifically to you. Some of my practices beyond talk therapy include nutrition based mental health and intuitive movement.
If you were to ask my clients about me, they would say “she always knows.” The reality is, so do you! It's hard to undo all that life throws at you but the first step comes with just trying. I invite you to schedule a consultation call if you are curious about answering that initial question of "Are you in your skin?". It's time for you to center YOU.

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