Life is hard to navigate. There is just so much to figure out that is always taught in classrooms or in day to day conversations. It's so hard to appear a little confused or out of sorts because judgement and perfectionism permeates our world. With all that said, how do we begin to be ourselves and follow our dreams when life is happening! So many questions to answer and sometimes our closest confidant is not a person we can be transparent with about our struggles. Well, I am here and would love to hear how to support you.

I have dedicated my work to supporting people who need fresh perspective outside of their close circle. I enjoy being utilized as a tool in my clients' life processes as they are managing the many curve balls life throws at us, frankly. I offer a mix of approaches from relational, client-centered and to provide services that meet my clients where they are.

If this is you, I look forward to hearing from you soon! Please use the following link to set up a consultation and join my waitlist: https://forms.gle/L2EDEAfZiEK2axjQA

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