I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist providing individual therapy in Downtown Manhattan with three decades of clinical experience in both New York and abroad. My approach is psychodynamic/psychoanalytic with a focus on uncovering, understanding, and working through the origins of various symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sense of alienation or stagnation, identity and relationship conflicts, impairment in work and creativity, and disordered relating to the body. I endeavor to create an attuned and engaged relationship in which it is possible to do the work of drawing connections between past and present, recognizing patterned and repetitive experience, and understanding the tensions between the desires for safety and security and change, toward ultimate symptom relief.

In addition to attending to traumatic experiences within one's personal and familial early experiences, I also place emphasis in understanding the often tremendous impact of gender, race, culture, class, migration, sexuality, religion, and political conflict on identity formation and adaptation.

I see all of this work as enabled by a deeply collaborative and dialogic relationship in which it is possible to strive for a more authentic relating to oneself, a reworking of dominant often constricting narratives about one’s life, and ultimately, alleviation of the experiences that drive the seeking of therapy.

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