I utilized person-centered and strength-based practices to promote the "Power of Self." These practices empower individuals to direct their therapeutic process. Establishing a safe zone and welcoming client feedback allows methods that are effective in managing difficulties, promoting personal growth, and accomplishing personal goals. I also provide therapy services to individuals exploring their sexuality, sexually fluent, and experiencing a decrease or increase in sexual functioning.

My experience includes working with life transitions (military and civilian), intimacy barriers, sexuality connections, depression, anxiety, LGBTQIA+ challenges, trauma, race-related trauma, Military Trauma, PTSD, and addiction. My purpose is to help uplift and contribute to the healing of others while affirming individuals from all ethnic backgrounds.

As life happens, you do not have to walk your journey on your own. Give yourself grace and take your journey one day at a time. Feel free to contact me by phone, email, or schedule a direct appointment

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