Are you stuck in toxic patterns? Easily overwhelmed by emotions? Are you a member of a marginalized group (person of color, LGBTQ+, alternative relationship or lifestyle) and seeking a provider who is affirming and understand your unique concerns? Do you want to get life moving in the right direction? We are here to help! The world can be a scary place, but with us as your side kick, we can can build a life that makes you happy to wake up each morning. We will create a safe, compassionate space for you to explore your concerns, fears, and shame while giving you the tools to propel yourself forward and build a new world for yourself!

Life is too short to allow ourselves to be controlled by anxiety, depression, past traumas, or bad relationships. We want to help you to break free from these burdens, learn how to live on life's terms, and cultivate a life of meaning and purpose.

We are not a smile and nod type of therapist. We want to partner with you and create real world magic! We strive to provide a safe, affirming, and culturally sensitive environment. We will listen to your concerns and create a plan to move you toward your goals. Don't hesitate to contact me, let's seize your best life now so you have more time to enjoy it!

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We offer DBT skills training groups