Do you feel like your sexual needs are not being met in your relationship and you’re unsure of how to navigate that with your partner? Or are you experiencing changes with your sexuality, pain during intercourse, libido changes or erectile dysfunction and feel unsure about how to properly cope? Take a deep breath and know that the things that you are experiencing are absolutely normal. It is not uncommon to experience a rush of feelings from shame to sadness to anxiety when discussing sexual changes.

Sexuality, sexual needs and sexual health are all fluid concepts that can change over time. Learning to pivot with the changes will allow you to live a life that is fulfilling while single and partnered. Experiencing a change within will help you communicate your needs not only inside the bedroom, but outside it as well.

Transformation Space Therapeutic Services, LLC is an online sex therapy practice providing services to individuals and couples wanting to explore and embrace sexual changes within themselves and their relationships. Taking the step to begin therapy can feel daunting, so applaud yourself for getting this far. I offer a free 15 minute consultation to allow you the opportunity to get to know me because having a healthy therapeutic relationship is important to your success.

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