I know that this is probably a pretty nerve-wrecking time for you right now, even if you haven’t identified any specific “problems” you’d like to work with a therapist on, even if your life is “perfect” and you’re just curious, the process of finding a therapist to partner with, in itself can be nerve-wrecking and cause angst so I’m glad you’ve found me 🙂 Having trouble navigating relationships? Seeking companionship but feeling discouraged, family history of conflict, managing emotions, feeling stuck, feeling unfulfilled, always wanted to try it. Always there for others but not feeling like people are there for you.

Maybe you don’t identify with any of those things and you don’t feel like you need anyone-in fact, just the thought of saying “I need” or asking for help makes your skin crawl. Yet, you’re lonely and you can’t understand why you’re relationships don’t look different. You want this to look different but you don’t know where to start.
I help brave people, do the hard, yet rewarding work they identify that they need to do so that they can have the relationships they desire with themselves primarily, and others. I work best with clients who are ready to do the work.

As a graduate of Meredith College and UNC-Chapel Hill, my studies in Social Work with a concentration in Child/Adolescent Health and Mental Health have been an invaluable foundation for this work. As an LCSW, my experience includes work in medical settings, private-practice, for-profit, and non-profit organizations. I have extensive experience in community-based mental health working with children, adolescents, and families. I have received specialized training and experience working with those impacted by trauma.

I am a good fit for those seeking support with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem I'm also well versed in addressing relationship issues, stress management, and trauma. I embrace an eclectic approach to therapy. In other words, my style is a combination of many techniques, some of which include task-oriented therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, TFCBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) problem-solving therapy, short-term psychodynamic therapy, and a host of techniques associated with the aforementioned therapeutic concepts.

As your therapist, I work to create a safe and really special environment where, for our time together, the world can slow down and together we can compassionately explore, understand, and transform behaviors, thoughts, and patterns that may be holding you back from ultimately living the life you want to live. My style as a therapist is warm and challenging, direct and engaging, and I’m relationally-oriented. What that means is that I truly believe that it is through our early relationships that certain patterns get established and certain wounds created; and it is only then through relationship that these patterns and woundings can shift and be healed. When we work together as therapist and client, it’s actually the relationship between us that becomes the therapy in addition to the all of the ways we explore, address and clarify the content you bring into the room. (edited)

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