"Kimberly is a licensed professional counselor, with experience counseling high ranking officials with the Department of Defense, Veterans, active service members, celebrities, and civilian families. Kimberly strives to help as many people as possible while increasing self-awareness using many of the following methods: multi-modality therapy, prayer, meditation, journaling, healthy diet, exercise, nature, art, crystals, Tibetan bowls, and/or chants for clarity.

Kimberly believes something in us all desires to create an existence that sustains peace and happiness. Happiness is forever evolving so we must evolve to sustain happiness. While interviewing national hip-hop artists, covering red carpet events, Kimberly found herself enmeshed with people with mental illness, substance abuse, legal and behavior issues. Kimberly has over 20-years of experience working with clients struggling with mental health disorders, substance use disorders, legal/behavior issues and relationship issues.

Kimberly obtained her Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Houston and her Master of Arts from Liberty University in professional counseling."

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