I am Kimberly. Welcome to my profile.

I absolutely love working with professional, intelligent, motivated, kick ass women who are wanting to dig deep to gain better understanding of self and begin to make changes in their lives.

It may be that you have achieved success in many areas of your life, but you still struggle with questioning your worth, perhaps you continue to choose unhealthy partners, or you feel lonely inside of relationships.

Therapy offers you the opportunity to create a safe space to be honest, hear your voice, identify and express your feelings in healthy ways and learn to tolerate and lean into vulnerability. It offers you the safe space to understand how your earlier experiences continue to negatively impact your sense of self worth and how you show up (or not) in relationships.

I also specialize in marriage therapy. I love working with committed married couples to help them find healing individually and relationally. #HealthymeHealthywe.

I am most known for my compassionate, honest, direct, somewhat gritty approach to therapy. I work collaboratively with my clients to help them gain greater self awareness and to build the emotional and developmental skills necessary to live a more joyful life and create more connected relationships.

If I sound like a good fit for you, visit my website and learn more about my practice.

Wishing you the best in your journey!

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