Everyone has a story...

The story we tell ourselves about who we are, who we love, and how the world works. Sometimes that story may align with what we want for our lives. But when it doesn't, it can lead to years of inner conflict, stress, and suffering.

Healing Insight LLC is a group practice that specializes in working with adults healing from stressful childhood experiences (abuse, neglect, parental divorce, difficulties from navigating life as a 1st or 2nd Generation American); experiences that may have distorted the story line about your life and had a negative impact on your family relationships, the type of love you pursue, and your personal wellbeing.

Our team of heart-centered and experienced therapists have expertise in working with Adults, Teens, Couples, Parents, and Families for Counseling. With training in a wealth of therapeutic modalities /interventions including: EMDR, CBT, AEDP, Insight-oriented techniques, Mindfulness-Based therapy, and Child Parent Psychotherapy, we are equipped to support you in addressing a range of mental health and wellness needs.

Individuals that benefit most from working with us are often experiencing symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Body-based Stress, Fatigue, and unrelenting feelings of shame/guilt. While these symptoms present on the surface, we also aim to help you identify and address root causes of these symptoms--which are often based in early life experiences and aggravated by current life stressors (such as work, relationship conflict, and stress related to the Covid-19 pandemic).

We collaborate with you and/or the other folks in your “story” to help you build on strengths that are already there, "go back and get" that which was lost due to trauma, and ultimately, compassionately release the story lines that no longer serve you so you can write the next chapters on your own terms.

You deserve to unlock the power of your unique story.
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Keep Going… Your Healing is in sight!

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Group Therapy Details

We offer therapy and wellness groups for professional women helping them address Childhood Trauma and life stress. We offer a quarterly group therapy experience for Helping Professionals called "Dear Wounded Healer" with rotating focus based on the needs of the group.