*I have immediate openings for people residing in Minnesota.*

Are you always feeling overwhelmed with life? Have you been hit with obstacles, barriers, or stressors that feel crippling? Perhaps you're feeling: worthless, shameful, guilty, frustrated, and need a way out NOW? These feelings can be terrifying, and you may feel like you are in this alone though I want to encourage you that there is hope. A holistic culturally responsive approach with a dope, compassionate, and encouraging therapist can assist you with these difficulties.
I am passionate about encouraging others to overcome difficulties while walking alongside them towards courage, healing, and wellness. We'll work collaboratively to address your difficulties. I have always had an interest and appreciation for working with individuals and families who experience a spectrum of relational concerns such as, parent/child conflict, communication barriers, struggles with life transitions, family stressors, and struggles with their identity. I am particularly interested in assisting people of color with racial stress, racial identity, and other issues related to racism and discrimination. I am comfortable with using social interest, advocacy, and harmony when working with individuals, couples, and families, especially ones that identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

I create a space of harmony, acceptance, and curiosity to guide my clients to their healing. You'll gain resilience, courage, self-respect, and growth. I am excited to walk alongside with you during your journey! I look forward to cultivating a safe space for you to achieve sound healing.

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