My goal as an alternative wellness therapist is to help you decrease feelings of stress and trauma and achieve holistic wellness through ancestral remedies and alternative wellness therapies. I currently offer Coaching, Herbalism, and Reiki Healing services. I work with women of color and LGBTQ+ folx struggling to achieve healing in a way that feels genuine and authentic. The space I create is ideal for clients who are experiencing feelings of "stuckness" and need help experiencing healing in a way that integrates the mind, body, and spirit. Maybe you have difficulty developing relationships with people who match your energy. Maybe you feel like you "do not know to date." Maybe you are coming from a strict or religious background and struggle to create healthy relationships. Or, maybe you have had experiences that you feel you cannot move past that are preventing you from having a healthy relationship with yourself and others. I can help.

I specialize in working with women of color, especially Black women, and LGBTQ+ folx in the areas of:
Dating and Relationships
Women's Issues
LGBTQ/Sexuality Issues (ENM, Kink, etc)
College and Graduate Student Wellness
Entrepreneurship Coaching
Spirituality/Religious Concerns

If you are desiring to decrease your feelings of stress and trauma and heal your energy and/or relationships in a holistic way, send me a message! All of my services can be accessed virtually!

(While I am a trained therapist, I do not currently have openings for therapy clients. I am only offering alternative wellness services (Coaching, Reiki, and Herbalism) at this time. I do have openings for my alternative wellness services. If you are seeking more information about me and my services please check out my website: https://knorwoodwellness.com, and my linktree: https://linktr.ee/kiaranorwood)

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    Daytime (9a - 5p), Evening (after 5p)
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