Hello, I am Khudsi and thrilled to be your provider today. I hope I can help you produce the same energy that I bring in the treatment room. I normalize the atmosphere when I am providing direct patient care. Together with your partnership, we will achieve the goal we both aspire. My main goal is to provide you the care you deserve. I will use evidence-based practice to guide me provide the proper care that you need to help you achieve your highest optimal level of health.

I want you to know that time is not essential while we in care partnership. Spending quality time with you until we both achieve our common goals is important and gives me satisfaction.

I have a combined experience of 20 years of bedside nursing, healthcare financing, case management, family nurse practitioner, and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. In my practice, I bring all the qualities of patient care practices on the table when I care for my patients.

So, I say, welcome to my panel. Let us identify what will work for you.

Practice Details