I am a compassionate, caring, and dedicated clinician who understands what it is like to be nervous to start therapy because of all the unknown factors that the experience may bring.

Some people have previous experience that was negative and some people have previous experience that was positive.

Either way, it takes a lot of COURAGE and BRAVERY to even start the process of attempting to find a therapist.

Let's be honest, finding a therapist nowadays seems to be IMPOSSIBLE because so many clinicians are full, have waitlists, and/or never get back to clients. This can be a taxing task to take on and to continue to push through until you find that right therapist will be all WORTH it.

For that, you should feel PROUD to be putting yourself first and to continue to ADVOCATE for what you need.

Although the counseling work we do may be hard at times, we must always HONOR those first steps taken to heal from your journey in life.

The type of counseling that I provide is that of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is used to IMPROVE attachment and bonding in our relationships as couples and families. This type of therapy can help couples and family members form a more SECURE emotional bond, which can result in stronger relationships and improve communication.

There are 3 stages in EFT that are as follows: De-Escalation, Restructuring, and Consolidation. It is important that when we feel stuck in our own way that we softly challenge ourselves to be different and change old patterns that are not effective. This is how we begin to heal and move forward in our relationships.

I have a passion for working with individuals of ALL AGES from children to adults.

I enjoy working with children, teens, and adolescents, who are STRUGGLING with accepting themselves as they are, not wanting to talk to a "therapist", experiencing difficulties in peer relationships and/or relationships with their parent(s).

Families and couples are another area that I have a passion to work with because it is important to have strong bonds between family members and couples in order to have better emotional functioning and improved interpersonal understanding of everyone's wants and needs.

I also have a great passion for working with athletes, who are struggling with injuries, anxiety, and depression because I was an NCAA Division III volleyball athlete and competed throughout my time in college.

I have worked with a variety of different diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating disorders, low self-worth, and intense couples/families disagreements and arguments.

I am truly passionate about my work as a clinician. I hope that you reach out so that we can begin to work together towards achieving your life goals, even if you are not sure of what those look like yet.

Reach out today so that tomorrow can be the start of a new opportunity!"

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