My name is Kenyatta Williams and I am committed to you living a healthy and productive life. You may have challenges and transitions that are difficult to navigate, however, I am here to help you create a place for change through a non - judgmental space of connection and reflection. You deserve effective tools and strategies that will promote your overall mental wellness. The essence and art of living is generated through your own unique self discovery. I encourage you to explore the opportunities and possibilities to intentionally grace yourself with the necessary solutions to access every internal resource that you own to reveal your best self to you.

We will collaborate to identify your sources of anxiety, stress, difficulties with depression, relationships or whatever your current concerns may be and collectively transform your life to accomplish the results you most desire. You are the catalyst to progressive movement and energy that will deliver to you the greatest investment of honoring your life with staying focused on the most sacred entities of you.

In our sessions I will maximize every moment to establish an endless awareness of limitless abilities that you possess. You are invited to embrace the galvanizing force to celebrate every expression of authentically immersing in the process of a therapeutic life changing experience.

I enjoy sharing information and providing resources that will equip you with recentering and replenishing your life though mindfulness practices, client centered interventions, cognitive behavioral techniques and rewiring the brain to achieve optimal successful outcomes. Your emotional destiny is waiting for you to align and shine, lets take the healing journey together.

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