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I believe that I was called into this profession. Prior to ever receiving any degree or clinical licensure, I was often called upon by friends, family, loved ones and my peers to provide sound advice, resolve conflict, give encouragement, or just to be a listening ear. The ability to provide psychotherapy is actually what I consider a natural gift that I share with others in their process of healing. My clientele consist of mainly African American women. I find that the theoretical approach I utilize works most effectively with women of color. We present with complex needs that are unique to us culturally. We are often heavy laden with conflicts in familial and romantic relationship, struggles with self-worth, lack empowerment, anxiety, depression, trust issues, childhood trauma, and feelings of loneliness. This is often compounded with unspoken cultural issues we face daily, such as workplace stress that often include exhaustion from "code switching". Additional stress occurs when we are stereotyped in the workplace. Self advocacy is often misconstrued for anger issues and assertiveness is seen as aggression. Therapy is an effective way to learn coping strategies, increase resiliency, and work through the process of healing. I provide a safe, non-judgmental, therapeutic environment that embodies a unique holistic approach, to include rapport building, empowerment, spirituality, coaching and other theoretical approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Kenya Frazier is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ms. Frazier has experience in the field of social work for 20 years and has had clinical licensure for over 10 years. She started her career working as a clinician at a psychiatric hospital providing individual and group therapy to patients on the adult inpatient acute unit. Ms. Frazier also has experience as a Military Family and Life Counselor, providing support to active duty military personnel and their families. Ms. Frazier is an independent contractor and has a private practice where she offers individual therapy along with clinical supervision to provisionally licensed clinical social workers.

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