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In life, there are real struggles, real challenges, and real obstacles that can take a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.
And, to effectively tackle those struggles, challenges, & obstacles, it requires real growth and healing. However, I know far too well that this growth & healing, although possible, is oftentimes a struggle to access.
That’s because real change, real, healing, and real growth, first begins in an environment that nurtures, cultivates, & welcomes authenticity, vulnerability, and safety for you to be ‘you’.
Here at Safe Place Teletherapy, it is my life’s mission to build & maintain safe spaces & environments to bloom change & healing in the lives of others. I understand that nothing can truly be faced & conquered unless the space intended for healing encourages truth.
No more having to “be on”. You’ve had enough of that. And no more performance. You’re exhausted.
Instead, you are ready to catapult into the life you’ve dreamt of living through our online therapeutic services that will allow you to be real & authentic, so you can have real & authentic change.
Whether you desire new behaviors, thought patterns, outlooks on life, self-fulfillment, or more, let it all bloom here at Safe Place Teletherapy.
I am ready to help you secure your new and better way of living life.
Safe Place Teletherapy, Real Change Starts With The Real ‘You’.

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