Atlanta, Georgia, United States


I look forward to supporting you on your journey. I focus my work to Women navigating life transitions and changes, Creatives, Health and Wellness Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Performers, and Amazing Humans out here willing and ready to live the life they love!

My niche areas are:
Wholistic therapy infusing breathwork, exercise, moving and grounded meditation, yoga, and creative energy into talk therapy.

Life transitions
Mood and Emotion management
Performance Transference and Activations
Interpersonal Relationships
Self Discovery/Self Concept

Whether it is career, family, relationships, a "stuck" feeling that has been lingering or something that just come up in your life, taking into consideration your "whole self" can lead to lasting change that you seek as you journey this lifetime.

I believe that every adversity or misstep, each success and every joy, each moment and situation is an opportunity to grow, learn, heal, and live the life that you love.

You want to feel confident in your life and decisions. You want to know things get better. You want to be able to have the skills to work through hard times and the heart to celebrate and enjoy life along the way.

As your counselor, I will not have all of the answers, yet it is my job to help navigate with you to gain the answers for yourself. My work focuses on building self-esteem and self-concept, increasing coping skills, and decreasing disruptive behaviors and thought patterns while fostering creativity, self-love, and personal insight and emotional intellect.

Seeking help or support is one of the most courageous things we can do. So many parts of life can be a challenge and can change suddenly. We are surrounded by so many other spirits and people that can be insightful to us on this journey. Life is a journey where the destination is ongoing. Make it the life you love. Love the life you live!

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