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My name is Mr. Kendall Cantey, a simple, empathetic counselor who operates from a basis of awareness, honesty, and congruency. I am an associate licensed professional counselor (LAPC) with a National Counselor Certification (NCC) who is also a doctoral candidate for a Counselor Education and Supervision program. I have worked in a variety of settings including the primary school system, outpatient substance abuse treatment centers, community agencies, probation and parole office, and a medical college. I primarily utilize person-centered and emotionally-focused modalities to connect with clients and build their self-awareness. In fostering supportive relationships founded on genuineness and patience, I guide my clients to where they want to go with slight nudges in the direction that could be of benefit to them. I have a ton of interventions and other therapeutic modalities in my toolbox, but I only employ them if they are most appropriate to treat my clients' concerns. More often than not, I create a unique intervention style to address their individual issues.

Humans are interesting! We feel, deny, repress, overcome, create, all the things….yet in this big vast world our lives test us in unimaginable ways. I have transient conclusions about the nature vs nature debate and if people are inherently good or bad. One thing I can attest is that I believe everyone has the ability to be either good or bad and some people have pre-dispositions to those characterizations whether it be biologically or environmentally. Counseling is the space to show up however you are and be validated in your experience. That’s the main job to know your account is not being dismissed, minimized, or taken out of context.

My ideal client is someone who is experiencing a life transition, identity issues, relationship concerns (intimate, friendship, family), who requires emotional regulation assistance, or just wants to talk.

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