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Would you like to begin the path towards inner peace, happiness and well-being? I believe in holistic counseling and the well-being of body, mind and spirit. By providing a safe space, clients are able to explore unaddressed feelings causing depression, anxiety, and meaningfulness. My style of counseling addresses a client’s needs with Psychodynamic and Existential Humanistic approaches. The process is collaborative, empathetic and strength focused. During the initial phases of therapy, clients will develop coping skills to live a satisfying life. In time we will focus on individual and family patterns that impact a client's self security, esteem and overall well being.
Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Religion, Gender and Sexuality are important aspects of an individual's identity. Through the use of Psychoanalytic theories, such as Jungian Analysis, the collective unconscious, and dreamwork, we explore the generational patterns that support your identity. In my clinical approach, I support clients in integrating these aspects of their identity into their conscious awareness. A greater sense of self awareness has remarkable influences on well being because we all have the innate ability to transcend our sufferings and heal.

I provide both individual and couples therapy. My experience centers around clients who have symptoms of depression, anxiety, self-esteem, substance use and anger management.
I am looking forward to speaking with you.

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