Life is not a destination, but a journey with peaks and valleys. Your mental health state ebbs and flows with how you navigate those peaks and valleys, which can sometimes prove to be extremely difficult. Bright Journey Counseling LLC provides empathetic, yet focused coping strategies to offer hope, positive thinking and realization that change is possible.

I am passionate about working with young adults and women that have developed unhealthy coping behaviors and interpersonal relationships related to past trauma experiences. I bring over a decade of clinical experience providing psychotherapy to children, teens and adults in various clinical settings including community-based, outpatient treatment center, private and group practice.

I strive to use an integrative approach with emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy, deeply relational, trauma-informed and expressive practices to meet your individual needs. Together we will work to change generational narratives, break cycles of dysfunction, and utilize strategies to create space for new opportunities of healing and growth.

I want to invite you to call and schedule your free 15 minute consultation today, let’s take the first step towards a healthy and brighter journey together.

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