Trying to understand why you feel the way you do? Trauma? Stress? Anxiety? Afraid of change? I am looking forward to meeting clients who have found some form of connection to the questions I've just listed. You want to find understanding and come to peace with your life experiences and memorable moments because those kinds of acceptances allows you to move forward and manage any challenges and triggers in the future.

I am offering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to clients. CBT allows you to investigate, connect, and understand thoughts and behaviors. Often times these are negative thoughts that triggers a negative reaction or unwanted behavior.

I was just as curious about therapy as you may be. I took the leap, became consistent, and months later I view my life for the better and is continuously writing my novel. Most memories can't be erased, but the words you write can always change. This space is your rough draft until your novel is ready to be published! Are you ready for your pen?

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