Hi, I’m Keasha, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a virtual practice in the Bay Area and throughout California. I have worked in social services, education, and mental health since 2012 serving mostly Black, POC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities. I received my Master’s in Social Work with an emphasis in Community Mental Health and my B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Human Development from Cal State East Bay. 

I'm passionate about helping people live their best lives through improving their relationships with themselves and others and by fully leaning into their strengths. You are the person who defines what your best life looks like, but remember it is an ongoing journey and not a destination. I will support you to navigate your journey, which will have many roads and intersections. Together, we might challenge and reframe negative thoughts, heal wounded attachments, engage in emotion regulation, work on effectively communicating needs and wants, or better understand how the subconscious manifests itself in your personalities and perspectives.

The foundation of my practice is deeply rooted in social justice, introspection, community, and spirituality. I consider how our early childhood experiences, societal status, and intersectional identities, influence our experiences- how we see ourselves, how the world sees us, and how we navigate different spaces. All are welcome, but I have a particular affinity towards Black Women and Femmes, Fat Folx, LGBTQ+, Single Parents, and Men of Color who weren’t encouraged to feel or express their feelings.

My goal is to provide a non-pathologizing space for you to fully embrace who you are while making room for the person you intend to be by using reflection, humor, and accountability as my therapeutic framework. Though I incorporate a variety of evidenced based practices, I encourage you to engage in practices and expressions that support your healing (religion, spirituality, creativity, exercise etc).

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