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Do you and your partner struggle with communication? Do you feel lonely, "too needy" or "not enough" in your relationship? Maybe you tried talking to your partner about it- but you still feel misunderstood. Maybe you don't even know where to start the conversation. You may have noticed you don't spend as much time together- and you miss the old days.

You want to start couples counseling to learn how to communicate more effectively and get your needs met. You want more intimacy, laughter, and confidence in asking for what you need. You want your partner to open up and not go silent or turn away.

I help couples who want to build deeper understanding and intimacy so they can finally get past these roadblocks in their relationship. I also want you to feel more confident and secure about who you are as a person, parent and romantic partner. I teach couples how to have conversations that led to deeper emotional connection and security.

Postpartum Mental Health Support

I am also proud to say that I am one of few LMFTA's in South Carolina who are trained in treating postpartum depression and anxiety. I am passionate about helping black mothers who are feeling unsupported or overwhelmed with the demands of parenthood.

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