Hello Blooming Petal, Do you feel like you've picked your last flower in the garden before giving up? Maybe you feel wilted while trying to maintain your day-to-day life obligations. Sometimes you might even find yourself smiling with others on the outside but feeling like your deteriorating inside. Your vase may even be half empty but yet you are constantly pouring out to everyone around you. Other days it may feel like your petals are losing its color as you probe with doubts of yourself. What about the moments when you just want to wreak everything in the flower bed because you are feeling that upset?

Imagine entering a room and feeling radiant. Can you envision yourself blossoming to trust others? Picture yourself watering the parts of you that are experiencing drought. Therapy could assist you with gaining the nutrients to become your best self. Just picture yourself flourishing and no longer feeling what your feeling at the moment.

I have experienced turning seeds into petals. You too, have all the seeds to sprout your petals for growth. Purple Petals Healing Bar is here to assist in your healing process. Reach out and schedule an appointment immediately.

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