For many of us, we weren't taught how to properly cope with depression and anxiety we experience which often times led to poor decision and even poorer coping skills. As a solution focused therapist I am skilled to provide you with specific tools to manage and decrease depression and anxiety through behavior therapy. In return, you can finally live the life you deserve, advance in your career, improve interpersonal relationships and focus on the things that makes you feel your best.
With many years in the social work field I have worked with clients in a variety of areas that includes schools, shelters, foster care, and imprisoned adults just to name a few. I have been able to provide the support needed to get through life’s toughest times and my clients were able to get to the other side with life long skills that work
I invite anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma or simply any major life changes that you are struggling to navigate to reach out for the help you deserve. I am here to assist you on this new journey.

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