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“Any person, place, or thing that is not a part of my divine right path, may they be removed from my life now”. This affirmation is one that helped save my life. In turn, it is my honor and duty to assist all humans on their path to greatness by giving focus to this very affirmation. It is my belief that with proper support, intention, and focus, all humans have the capacity to be their greatest selves.

My intention as a therapist is to meet you where you are and assist in the collaborative process of lifting you to your greatest mental and emotional heights.

I specialize in working with adolescents, minority women, and inner-city youth who have been traumatized by life’s experiences such as death, transitions, cancer diagnosis/survivorship, anxiety, and depression. I counsel from a Strength-Based perspective, allowing clients to dictate their clinical needs, as they are the expert of their lives.

I operate from a holistic perspective believing that humans are a whole entity and are more than their trauma(s). True ‘change’ starts from within and radiates from there. My purpose as your clinician is to assist you on your journey to facilitate this change. I am open to help all who seek it; I pray that you are open to receiving it from me.

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