I am Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT) in the states of Kansas and Missouri. In addition to being in private practice, I teach a graduate course at the University of Kansas as well as provide guidance and therapy skills to graduate level students at Friends University. I specialize in couples therapy, maternal mental health, and trauma in adults as well as children. I am an ally to all individuals, partners, and families! I define "family" how you define family, any human being that is meaningful in your life. I respect diversity and work with all family structures, genders, and cultures.
I am passionate about helping partners stay connected especially when the fight feels like it will never end and help to put in place skills to “Fight Fair” and maintain a healthy loving respect for each other, and keeping or getting back to the sexy, loving dance of intimacy.
I also work with couples, adults and children who have experienced trauma. This work is very fulfilling to me and I have extensive experience in this area. One tool I use to help my clients move from surviving to thriving is called EMDR (Eye movement desensitization reprocessing), which was developed specifically for those who have experienced a trauma.
Maternal mental health is another area where I am devoted and passionate! When I became a mother, it became clear to me that mothers of color need more support. I do this work because it fills my heart and is my contribution to people of color.
I enjoy what I do and I work hard to help you fill your healing journey with tears, laughter, and growth!

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