Hi. How are you? I'm Katrina, and I am a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

As you know, many people in this nation and around the world are experiencing psychological and mental discomfort. Our society is struggling because of inflation, strange new diseases, increase in crime and a multitude of other situations that impact out lives, thoughts relationships and overall ability to grow and live productive lives.

The information we receive is saturated with loss, fear and uncertainty which promoting the care needed to successfully cope these crises and start the journey to restoration and triumph. We are learning to overcome the stigma associated with mental disorders because the conditions are so prevalent.

We know that therapy is meaningful and more beneficial for some than others. When needed, medications can be combined with therapy to help balance chemicals in the brain that prevent a hopeful and optimistic outlook. Celebrities and other famous icons are now disclosing their personal battles because they have worked on their concerns.

I specialize is helping people obtain and maintain a balanced life. I listen to you concerns and apply the appropriate medications that can bring a path to peace and optimism. I work with adults 18 y/o and up, providing a safe, judgement free space to obtain balance and rebuild a better life. My clients like and appreciate me, which which I am grateful, and they see various levels of improvement. I invite and welcome you to come in, grab a seat and let's start moving forward.

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