Los Angeles, California 90045, United States


I own Her Love Lesson which is a TeleMental Health Therapy Practice, where I help high achieving women strengthen their relationships with themselves, heal from unresolved issues and take care of their Mental Health so they can have healthier relationships.

My Therapy services will help you:
*Take care of your mental health
*Face your fears
*Deal with your unresolved issues
*Eliminate and recover from toxic relationships
*Improve your mood, energy, depression and learn to emotionally regulate
*Stop worrying
*Get through a break up
*Manage your stress and learn distress tolerance
*Improve your self love, self-esteem and self care practices

Let’s me help you!
Katrese Epps MBA, LCSW

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    Los Angeles
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    Los Angeles
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    Online Only
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  • Virtual Therapy
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