As humans, we all go through challenges in life that have a negative impact on our emotional, mental and physical well-being. Finding a safe place to be able to express your feelings, thoughts and experiences without judgment is vital as you journey through challenging and overwhelming moments in life. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, having a difficult time with interpersonal relationships or life transitions, let’s work together on dealing with these feelings in a healthy manner for you and those around you. My goal is to help you process challenging moments in healthy manner, giving you the tools you need to heal yourself.

I provide therapy to children, adults, couples and teens. My theoretical approaches focus on self-empowerment, interpersonal relationships and healthy thought and behavioral patterns. I’m also experienced in addressing workplace issues and can help you navigate life transitions, relocating to the Greater Austin area and other interpersonal challenges.

I understand the importance of connecting with a therapist who listens without judgment while fostering an environment of acceptance and positive regard. Let’s work together on getting you to a place of peace, empowering you to uncover and live out the best version of you.

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